09 June 20

Altrady Transforms Brand Identity with a Long-Term Plan for Continued Growth

altrady crypto brand identity

Roman Ivanov: Altrady is like a vortex that easily brings you in the fast-moving world of crypto trading

The design team headed by Roman Ivanov, Co-Founder of Altrady, has decided to use the vortex imagery as a representation of how Altrady easily gives access to the fast-changing world of cryptocurrency trading.

According to Roman, “When Benoist and I started our venture into the crypto trading software industry, all we were thinking was to help traders get as much profit as possible. From Crypto Base Scanner to Altrady, our logo was essentially similar - it portrays the image of candlesticks to let the people know that we are developing trading tools.”

But these candlesticks needed to bid goodbye for the transformation of Altrady’s brand identity. Roman continues, “The longer that we stay in this industry, more possibilities are being opened up. Now we see the role that Altrady could potentially play in the future of digital finance. We may be focused on crypto trading tool development, but all the features that we bring to the public actually have strong effects on how our users deal with their assets and how the world at large would be able to revolutionize finance.”

Transforming brand identity for a brighter corporate future

Because of these insights, the management has decided to transform their brand identity to better represent the company not just as your usual trading platform but as a brand that is growth-driven, forward-looking, and constantly innovating.

Altrady’s new logo represents the company’s focus on continued development of new trading technologies that could propel their users’ trading success and contribute to worldwide crypto adoption.

The brand transformation is only a step forward to realizing Altrady’s vision of making crypto trading easy and accessible to everyone. With this move, Altrady hopes to encourage partners, stakeholders, and customers in trusting the company’s ongoing efforts and future plans.

Altrady intends to lead the global crypto trading software industry

As an all-in-one crypto trading platform, Altrady has already proven its capacity to help users find profitable opportunities, trade easily across multiple exchanges, keep track of their portfolios in real-time, and efficiently analyze crypto markets using algorithmic data.

To boost its position in the global crypto trading industry, Altrady improves its website to support multiple languages. With this move, Altrady can further expand its reach to a global scale.

Founder Benoist Claassen says, “For over a year, we have seen our user base grow to include those who are coming not just from the Netherlands and the USA but also from different parts of the globe. This development could have been done earlier, but we needed to focus on improving a lot of Altrady’s features to be able to deliver our promise as your ultimate crypto trading platform. We’re happy to see how fast Altrady has been growing, and we are extremely thankful for our users’ continued support.”

With all the developments happening in the company, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Altrady leading the global crypto trading industry anytime soon. With proactive founders, talented team members and a supportive community, Altrady is sure to make their vision a reality.

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