15 April 20

The most recent updates on the Altrady cryptocurrency trading platform


Are you interested in the most recent updates on the Altrady cryptocurrency trading platform?

Founded in 2017, Altrady has developed to become the best crypto trading platform for those who want convenience, safety, innovation, and security in their trades. We started as Crypto Base Scanner - a crypto market scanner software that uses unique crypto trading algorithms to automatically analyze cryptocurrency price movements against base information, monitor crypto market histories and send crypto trading signals.

From the Crypto Base Scanner, Altrady is one of the most trusted cryptocurrency trading platform with API integration for multiple crypto exchanges. It features advanced trading tools, portfolio manager, break-even calculator, customizable trading dashboard, easy & secure trading solutions, and a lot more.

As your ultimate crypto trading platform, we are committed to the further development of our product. In the coming months, we will be rolling out additional upgrades to our software, such as web-based trading, smart trading, trading analytics, and more. Always visit this page for updates!