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Why our Traders Love Altrady?
Altrady is convenient for trading in multiple exchanges
By subscribing to Altrady, you can manage all your trades from multiple cryptocurrency exchanges by using a single trading desk or platform. This is a hassle-free solution to those who buy and sell coins in different locations. There is no more need to shift from one exchange to another because all you need to perform your trades are in the Altrady app!
Altrady simplifies portfolio management
Experience easy and efficient asset monitoring with Altrady's comprehensive portfolio manager! We remove the complexity of checking the growth or decline of your coins from different platforms by giving you a simple tool that can automatically and accurately track your portfolios. Say goodbye to miscalculations from manual computations!
Altrady offers 100% fund security

Altrady features 100% secure API integration through state-of-the-art encryption technology. With Altrady, you can be certain that only you have access to your trading orders and your funds. Also, prevent theft and loss of funds by utilizing Altrady's automatic portfolio tracking to monitor your exchange wallets in one place.
Altrady is accessible anytime & anywhere
Trade whenever and wherever with Altrady! Access your account from the desktop, web browser, and mobile app to make trades and monitor markets anytime and anywhere.
Altrady sends crypto signals and real-time alerts
Make strategic trading decisions that are based on accurate information. With Altrady, you can receive fast and powerful crypto signals for an effective analysis of crypto markets. We also send real-time crypto alerts to help you spot profitable entry points in your targeted coin market.
Altrady has crypto scanning tools for strategic actions
Be able to fully implement your strategy with Altrady's powerful base scanning tool. Take advantage of the information you get from our base scanning tool to make profitable trades.
Altrady helps you grow as a trader
There is so much potential in crypto trading in terms of your growth in knowledge, decision-making, strategy formulation, and even professionalism.
Accelerate Your Crypto Trading to Next Level
As an intermediate crypto trader,
Altrady will help you in the following ways:
To grow as a intermediate crypto trader with a solid crypto knowledge
The Altrady Academy is full of tips, tricks, and lessons to help you deepen your crypto knowledge. Even our community can open you to different insights from members of different trading levels.
To grow as a intermediate crypto trader with a strong trading experience
The altrady platform is the perfect place to explore crypto market trends and behaviours. With an integrated platform for multiple exchanges, you can examine the behaviour of various coin markets in different exchanges by using our simple market search function. You can also use Altrady's interactive charting interface to spot trends and draw patterns to help you understand markets better.
To grow as a intermediate crypto trader who makes data-driven trading actions
With Altrady, you will realize that fast and accurate information is essential to making the right trading actions. Capitalize on your data-driven trading decisions to build your crypto wealth!
To grow as a intermediate crypto trader who makes objective decisions
Altrady helps you prevent making emotional trading decisions that can ruin your strategy. With our innovative tools, you can make objective trading actions despite sudden market movements.