5,000 USDT
Prize pool contest
Trade on OKEx via Altrady app
Make the best revenue rate within 14 days to win the price!

In order to celebrate the successful launch of OKEx, altrady.com and OKEx jointly hold a trading contest and give away total of 5,000 USDT as reward to top 20 participants.
Contest Timeline
Until Feb 9
Until Feb 9
Registration (7 days)
Fill in the application form.
Make sure to have altrady.com and OKEx (KYC2 verified) accounts. Connect your OKEx account API key to altrady.

Get $2 bonus after registration on OKEx and 30 days Trial if your altrady account is expired
Feb 10 - Feb 23
Feb 10 - Feb 23
Contest (14 days)
Starts at 00:00 CET

Trade on OKEx exchange using altrady.com platform.
Generate the best revenue rate in order to compete for the best prizes.
Make at least 5 trades in total, with total trading volume over $50.
Feb 24 - Mar 2
Feb 24 - Mar 2
Winners reward distribution
Reward from OKEx will be distributed within 7 working day after the competition ends.
Unlock Prize Pool Tiers
The more participants in the contest, the bigger prize pool gets!
Invite your friends and receive altrady referral bonus, when your friend subscribes to any of our paid plans.

(The competition wont start until the minimum valid participants reached 50)
800 USDT
Valid participants from 0 to 100 traders.
2,000 USDT
Valid participants reached 150
3,000 USDT
Valid participants reached 200
5,000 USDT
Valid participants reached 300
Invite friends to unlock prize pool tiers
and receive altrady referral bonus
Rewards distribution
Best 20 traders will share the prize pool (up to 5,000 USDT).
Best 50 traders will receive 1 month of advanced altrady plan
1st place
15% of the total price fund
2nd place
10% of the total prize fund
3-20 places
75% of the total price fund
1-50 places
1 month of altrady advanced plan
Apply to participation
You need to have both altrady.com and OKEx (KYC2 verified) accounts.

Download altrady app here.
Register OKEx account here.
Registration & verification instructions.
Enter the email address you registered altrady.com account with
Enter the email address you registered OKEx account with
By clicking the button you agree our Privacy Policy
Download altrady.com app, Register to OKEx and Join our Discord community. Don't hesitate to ask any questions about the altrady app, contest or trading. Our friendly community will help you get on board!
Rules & Definitions
Malicious trading
Click fraud and collusion are strictly prohibited to ensure fairness. Offenders will be subject to disqualification from winning prizes. In more serious cases, their accounts will be subject to termination.

Valid participant
Registered both on OKEx and altrady.com, passed KYC2 on OKEx.
Launched and bound OKEx API key on altrady.com app.

Made at least 5 trades in total with total volume over $50.
Revenue rate
OKEx and altrady.com will both track your profits made comparing to invested amount.
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